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> Mopar MPI Kit & Replacement Parts View Cart   

***MPI Check Engine "MIL" Light Kit #HESMIL

**05-06 Damper Kit #HES0506ED

1" Wire Loom pn:737303

1/2" Wire Loom 737301

1/4" Wire Loom 737299

195 Degree Thermostat #52001797

2005-06 RH Damper/Sensor Kit

3/4" Wire Loom PN:737302

3/8 X 1/4 Brass Adapter-3220X6X4

3/8" Wire Loom 737300

3/8"X1/8" Brass Fitting-3220X6X2

33004255 Intake/Exhaust Manifold Washers

5/8" Wire Loom PN:788

6036193AA 4.0/4.2 Exhaust Manifold Stud

84540 Heater Hose Fitting

Alternator Diode #9400044

Anaerobic Sealer PN:765-1189

CCV Valve #J3236685H

Coolant Temp Sensor #33004281

Crank Sensor Bracket #P5007046

Crankcase Vent Valve - Black #53030497

Crankcase Ventilation Valve - Gray with Metered Orifice #53030495

Damper/Crank Sensor Kit 91-04 #HES9199ED

Distributor Pick Up PN: 56027023

Fuel Filter #33000076

Fuel Injector #53030343

Fuel Pressure Regulator #53030001

Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit #04798301

Hi Pressure Fuel Pump #HESHFP90

Idle Speed Motor PN:4798377

Ignition Coil #4797293

Intake Gasket #J3242855

Manifold Absolute Temp Sensor #33004280

MAP Sensor #33000153

MPI Air Filter Upgrade #HESMPIAFK2

MPI Crank Sensor #P4510012

MPI Kit Air Filter #9400003


Oxygen Sensor #56028301

Serpentine Damper #P5249688

Spark Plug Wire Set #05017059AB

Speed Sensor #HES7015

Thermostat Gasket #53020547AB

Thermostat Housing #53006192

Throttle Body Gasket #53007543

Throttle Cable #52079382

Throttle Position Sensor PN:4761871


V-Belt Damper #P5249687



Wiring Harness #P5007148

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