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4.5L & 4.7L Engine





Diamond forged pistons w/ceramic coated domes & DFL baked skirts

Diamond or Sealed Power wrist pins

Total Seal Moly performance piston rings

Clevite 77 main, cam and connecting rod bearings

Hesco stroker crankshaft, deburred, shot peened and balanced

Hesco performance connecting rods (de-burred, balanced, shot peened, & ARP rod bolts)

Hesco performance cam shaft & lifters (cam matched to vehicle usage)

Cloyes double roller timing set

Hesco Performance valve springs & retainers

Sealed power push rods

Stock rocker arms and pivots (unless roller rockers specified at a price adjustment)

New harmonic balancer

Stock intake & exhaust valves

Factory gaskets used except where a vendor produces a superior product

All engines are complete from valve cover to oil pan

Excludes intake/exhaust manifolds, alternator, a/c compressor, water pump, and thermostat housing unless ordered with the engine.



Our crankshafts are de-burred, balanced, and shot peened. The connecting rods are matched sets that are exact length center to center. They are de-burred, shot peened, beams polished, balanced and fitted with ARP rod bolts.

A great deal of detail and pride goes into every engine built at Hesco to insure a superior product free from any preventable defects.

All engines are ran on our engine dyno to satisfy our quality control, and to

insure the components are broke in properly. An engine will not be shipped that

doesn't meet our criteria for horse power and torque. There is a fuel and engine crate charge.

Stroked engines require a larger set of fuel injectors. These are not included in the price of the engine.

Available with either a cast iron CNC cylinder head or our aluminum cylinder head. 2000-up engines available with the aluminum head only at this time.


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