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4.0-4.2L Camshaft #RVOB6/H264

Price: $279.95

Our camshafts are ground to rigid tolerances and perfection. With more states requiring emission testing you must produce a product that will perform and still pass strict testing. Our camshafts will do both without sacrificing power and torque. Designed to provide more low end and mid range torque without affecting top end passing capabilities. A must in any engine re-build. Lifters not included.

Lobe Lift .480 Duration- 264 114 @ .050 Centerline- 114

NOTE: Stock valve springs must be replaced with our performance valve springs and retainers when using this camshaft. For lifters use PN: HL-2011S. 1997 -up 4.0L engines will also have to replace the stock triple groove valves with the earlier single groove valves for the valve stem tips to protrude up far enough for the rockers to contact them. When replacing a later cam with the small timing gear journal you will need an earlier 4.0 timing set, cam bolt, and washer.


Part Number: RVOB6/H264
Manufacturer: Hesco
Application 1: All 4.0L/4.2L Jeep
Application 2:


4.0-4.2L Camshaft  #RVOB6/H264
Click for larger image

4.0-4.2L Camshaft  #RVOB6/H264
Click for larger image

Downloadable Files
camshaft selection guide.doc


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