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Computers & Programming

Custom Tuning



What is Custom Tuning?


  • Custom Tuning is a way of tuning up a modern fuel-injected vehicle.  With the advent of electronic engine controls, many of the old ways of fine-tuning engines went away.  We have Computer Software that allows us to access the parameters in the ECM, or Engine Control Module, where we can readjust spark timing, fuel ratios and much more to optimize the performance of your modern fuel-injected vehicle.  This also allows us to optimize a fuel injection system for a modified engine.  Just about any modification, whether it's cams, heads, intakes, exhaust systems, turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous, stroker packages, etc. can be set up to work with the factory ECM.
  • Custom Tuning has also expanded into the ability to make adjustments to the shift patterns and timing of modern electronically controlled transmissions.  Virtually any modification can be accomodated.




Contact Lee Hurley to make an appointment to reprogram your PCM.
Phone: 205-323-3136


Why would you want to custom tune your vehicle?



  • Have a stock vehicle?  Want it tuned for a little more power and economy?  We can do that!
  • We can tune for virtually any engine modifications, including nitrous, turbocharging, supercharging, methanol injection, transmission upgrades, Diesel upgrades and more!
  • Want a 383 stroker, 454 or 502 in a late-model pickup?  Can be done with stock engine controllers and be fully integrated!
  • Contemplating a really exotic engine transplant into a vintage car or truck?  Like maybe a 600hp Hemi or an LS7 Z06 Corvette engine?  We can set up all the electronics no problem!


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